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Energy rushing into BIAL

Written by Saturday, 14 October 2017 08:37
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Invite Good Energy

Written by Tuesday, 26 September 2017 11:15
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  Why does an unkempt, cluttered room offend the senses? It makes you cringe and summarily pass judgement on the occupants of the living space.The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui attributes this to the bad energy or chi of the place. Feng shui is all about energy and its management in living spaces. It simply means wind (feng) and water (shui) in constant flow. This practice believes chi resides in all living spaces, whether it’s a room, house,office,park or building.Chi is either good or bad. It all depends on the smooth flow of energy. Consequently, good luck or misfortune…

North West facing house

Written by Friday, 11 September 2015 10:11
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    Northwest facing houses is not so bad. This can benefits with health, wealth and prosperity if other construction is supported by other Vaastu Shastra principles. Only thing is to keep in mind, the male member of the house may remain away from the house for a longer time if the door faces West and a female if the door faces North.  Northwest is ruled by the planet Chandra (Moon). The owner of Northwest facing house travels from one to another place, his mind is very unstable. Usually, character of this house owner is well natured, soft-spoken and sentimental.  …

Significance of Northeast in Vaastu

Written by Friday, 11 September 2015 08:40
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  Vastu is a science which acts as a bridge between the inner space of the being and the outer space or the immediate environment. Many call it a  “super science” or study of the cause and effect of your surroundings and its influence on the occupants. It’s multidisciplinary approach is based on basic knowledge of Yogashastra (the science of Yoga), Astrology, and Astronomical Science.   The five great holistic sciences which are completely interconnected and in totality form a comprehensive remedial field to convert an individual's journey of pain and struggle into harmony and rhythm are Vastu, Music, Astrology,…

2015 Feng shui afflictions & prognosis

Written by Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:41
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The Year 2015 is year known as  The Year of the Yin Wood Sheep - YI WEI .  Sheep is the 8th animal in the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and is part of the fire cycle in the cycle of the season of five elements in Feng shui. The zodiac sheep is said to be a lucky animal sign  and is often expected to bring up auspicious and cordial relationship during the year . As sheep represents earth element it also has traits of caring and exudes a motherly feel and can be most often seen in those born under…

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