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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 07:10

Sacred Geometry!

Temples designed on the basis of sacred geometry include the Madurai Meenakshi Temple, the Maha Meru Sri Yantra Temple in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh, Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, Mahadev Temple in Khajuraho, Nashik’s Trimbakeshwar temple, Borobudur temple, Indonesia, Hindu temples in Angkor Wat, and the Bahai Temple in Delhi (based on lotus geometry).
The distinguished al-Sabah Collection, is a fine specimen of sacred geometry in Islamic art. How the artists created an endless variety of geometric patterns is a marvel! Infinity is the key word here and it is also one of God’s unique attributes.
Sacred geometry works well with Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of designing living spaces.
In fact, feng shui, astrology, numerology and tarot all begin with a fundamental faith in sacred geometry.
The Mandala, the most admired symbol of Buddhist religion and art is another instance of sacred geometry. It is a geometric design representing the universe. Painting Mandalas is also an art and a healing exercise.
The Yantra, used in meditation by Hindus is a classic example of sacred geometry.
This is a geometrical pattern made of several concentric figures (squares, circles, lotuses, triangles and a point or bindu at the centre).
These shapes are believed to have a powerful quieting effect on the mind.
A lotus flower symbolises the chakra energy centres; a bindu (dot) signifies both the point of creation and the infinite cosmos;
a triangle with an upward point, denotes masculinity; with a downward point, the triangle becomes a symbol of femininity.
A swastika signifies luck and prosperity.
The Sri Yantra is the oldest Yantra known and is the form of Devi or Shakti Herself. The Sri Yantra is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective Yantras as it is believed that it contains the strength of 432,000 devas!
Rangoli and kollam, a common sight in Hindu households is also sacred geometry. Rangoli patterns are typically geometric shapes of flower petals or triangles.
By incorporating even basic sacred designs at home we attract awesome energy to the space...
Common geometric shapes that have sacred meaning include the circle, triangle and square.   
The circle enjoys a special place in many religious practices. A circle is drawn around a person as protection. It also represents unity, wholeness and infinity, or without beginning or end.
Triangles are part of Sri Yantras. Triangles represent the past, present and future or spirit, mind and body.
The square has four sides and the number four is associated with material things.
In Hinduism, the circle and square in conjugation reflects heaven and earth.
The Swastika often displayed near the main door or entrance is a solar symbol mirroring the motion of the Sun or Surya in India. It is a symbol of prosperity and dharmic auspiciousness.
Given its omnipresence it is little wonder that spiritual or sacred geometry is regarded the universal language of truth, harmony and proportion!
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 08:15

Garden Designs & Flowers



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Saturday, 14 October 2017 08:37

Energy rushing into BIAL

Tuesday, 26 September 2017 11:15

Invite Good Energy


Why does an unkempt, cluttered room offend the senses? It makes you cringe and summarily pass judgement on the occupants of the living space.The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui attributes this to the bad energy or chi of the place. Feng shui is all about energy and its management in living spaces. It simply means wind (feng) and water (shui) in constant flow. This practice believes chi resides in all living spaces, whether it’s a room, house,office,park or building.Chi is either good or bad. It all depends on the smooth flow of energy. Consequently, good luck or misfortune follows you. That’s why different spaces exude different energies. Some places feel so tranquil that you want to linger there. Others feel oppressive, making you want to flee.


Chi is versatile. It can trespass a living space by seeping through cracks or vents, rushing through doors and windows; it can also be generated in a room by electric lights or by a fireplace.An uproarious argument may also trigger it! Everything depends on the smooth flow of energy.If chi is trapped in a cluttered room, it stagnates. If it flows free in a vast area, it dissipates.Other factors that affect the nature of chi include aesthetics, cleanliness, colours, light, the placement of objects and clutter. Feng shui offers quaint solutions and simple practices to remedy the ill-effects of bad chi.For instance,if you want to invite good feng shui into your life, you can begin by simply refurnishing your home, moving around your furniture or replacing the main door of the house.Doors and windows are vital to the smooth flow of energy in feng shui. Windows are viewed as the eyes of a home. So the thumb rule is: No dirty windows,lots of natural light streaming through the day and privacy after dark. To bring back a shine in your life and to polish your luck, here are some suggestions: Rethink all that is sloppy and sullen indoors.Then — de-clutter and deep cleanse every corner of your house with an unseasonal spring clean.


After this spatial facelift, new energy will flow through your home, inviting all things positive from the universe. Such is the promise of feng shui but in its practice, it is your everyday ablutions for your living spaces.Sometimes, you can reboot the stagnant energy of your house by simply rearranging the furniture. A fresh coat of paint or whitewash for the walls can also dress down the negatives thronging your mind. The annual ritual cleansing of homes including a whitewash, repairs and maintenance, counters afflictions unknowingly created over the year.This sanitary exercise is powerful,as it empowers your aspirations. Mounting Piscean images or paintings of fish will give you a career boost. Sporting furniture in shades of blue, north of your living room can be tried. Windows,drapes,curtains,door positioning and lights — all play a prominent role in the smooth flow of energy in your home. The colours and fabrics used for drapes and curtains also affect the chi. Installing blinds will harmonise the flow of chi through windows.To perk your mood,match the curtains with the seasons. Choose green for spring, while red,orange and pink go well with summer; white, grey and metallic suit autumn and shades of blue are great in winter.


Colours transform the energy of a room instantly. Green is calming and ideal for living rooms.A deep purple adds soul to the prayer room. If you want good chi to breeze into your homes, keep your windows and curtains clean. Limp and droopy curtains will send the chi on a retreat. Draw your curtains during the day to embrace the silent, splendid sun! Install skylights in the kitchen for extra light. But avoid them in bedrooms as they steal your privacy.Keep the area inside your main door welllit and furniture-free. Fresh blooms and greens multiply the good feng shui of your house.Yellow flowers in the living room revive you. Place leafy greens in the east and southeast part of your house to attract wealth. Don’t forget to clean the area under your bed and furniture. And place fresh flowers in a large urn close to the main door.This will ensure good chi is around everyone!

Saturday, 06 February 2016 06:42

Forecast for the 12 Chinese Zodiac for 2016


Monkey - A year of mixed luck with some fluctuations however one can work towards taking the career to its all time best. Pay attention to home safety, health of elders and that of self. Relationship luck looks promising and you will receive help from unexpected quarters or even as a divine support during the first five months of 2016.



Rooster - A very good and encouraging year with support from mentors which would help in career growth and power. A year supporting relationship and romance and On the domestic front relationship at home will be at its best and overall harmony exists.  However be careful of expenditure as you need to conserve it for future. Health would be average as all other positive happenings and excitement uses your energy. 


Dog-  A good year, calls for compromise in terms of emotional satisfactions but is filled with opportunities to enhance luck and good life style. Acquiring property, assets or even new decor to your home would be beneficial as it ushers in good energy and stability to last through the year however relationship luck is a bit low but health looks good.  Charitable activities and services help to mitigate the unfavourable stars around your zodiac in this year’s luck cycle. 


Pig-  A better year in comparison to the earlier year but has its own challenges which needs to be handled by moving ahead with determination and courage. With auspicious "Star of Virtue” Support from people at high offices and social network will make things easier to achieve your aspirations and bring in success. Relationship luck looks good but wealth flow looks average. Health would be god although it will involve bouts of stressful phases. Optimism and strong inner life essence will make you sail through difficult times hence being flexible would be more advantageous. 


Rat - In the year of the Monkey, Zodiac Rat receives all the support and would be a very prosperous year for Rat although issues relating to health and relationship will keep you occupied. Avoid speculative investments and stay cautious.  With plenty of opportunities to socialize you will be most sought after however exercise caution when getting into serious relationships. Be cautious of people who may be dishonest and could betray you. 



Ox - The year is having a bag of mixed luck although career growth looks good. People around may be envious of your success and growth hence maintain low profile and take things as they come. Overall harmony will exist at home and in relationship at work too. You may find helpful people guiding and assisting you in your activities, new ideas it’s a good time to work on strategy and execute them. Take extra care of your diet and health. 

Tiger - A year of wide fluctuation in luck cycle as the zodiac Monkey and Tiger are incompatible; hence challenges at work and home front could arise. With obstacles surfacing, need to work hard to achieve. Health looks good and relationship would prosper if arguments can be curbed. By Midyear things will shape up better and make you more comfortable. Plenty of travel indicated which would also help mitigate the clash against Monkey also carry a snake pendant to counter the ill effects of the clash.

Rabbit -  A much better year with smooth flow and prosperity in store and also a good time to pursue career and business. Time to exhibit your talent and skills and you will receive support from outside to further strengthen your skills. Relationship promising with opportunities for marriage, wealth luck looks good however pays attention to health issues. With plenty of good stars and success you may feel a bit strong and this could make you sound arrogant in your communication and lead to lose talks, keep your communication under control.

Dragon - A good year with plenty of opportunities, business expansions and money luck. The dragon is in half combine with Monkey hence it's a supportive year too. Increments, recognition and promotions look prospective. Remain cool headed and chose your mate with care and possibility to get married too. Health will improve and renew your vigour. All the success and work load may tend to make you ignore your personal side of your life hence try to strike a balance.

Snake - A good year hence be prepared to take things as they shape up and do not fight but accept. However as Snake combines with Monkey it will initiate chances for harmony and prosperity especially to females. Do not rush into anything nor stay overconfident of what you attempt. Wealth and career look good but other aspects of life need to be taken care of. Adapt a calm mind and be low profile and handle one day at a time. 


Horse - A year with good fortunes, high energy and smooth ride. Travel luck is good and there could be opportunities to travel abroad for business or education. Social activities and new friends would come into your life and would be a busy year from all aspects. Wealth luck is excellent, relationship luck will improve further and health luck is also good. Stay optimistic and have self confidence and you will benefit from the good stars surrounding you in the year chart. 


Sheep - The year will begin on a positive note after a not so lucky previous year. The year also indicates improvement in relationship, romance and prospects of marriage. The second half of the year may be relatively on the low cycle in comparison to the first half. Obstacles and small blocks could surface during the second half which would be manageable. Good year for garnering wealth and health luck improves a lot. Wear Lapis preferably deep blue as a bead or jewelry. 



The 12th Annual International Feng shui convention was held at Marriott Park view Shanghai on 24th and 25th Oct 2015. The 2 day convention was a grand success as it attracted enthusiasts, Metaphysics Masters and Grand Masters who had a wonderful time to exchange knowledge from across the world and spend a memorable time.

Master Surendran.S.BS. Delivered his presentation on the art of Integrating Vaastu with Chinese Metaphysics and Western methods to compliment the ancient sciences.

The 2 day event concluded with a gala banquet and announcement of the next convention in Bangkok in Nov 2016.



Friday, 11 September 2015 10:11

North West facing house



Northwest facing houses is not so bad. This can benefits with health, wealth and prosperity if other construction is supported by other Vaastu Shastra principles. Only thing is to keep in mind, the male member of the house may remain away from the house for a longer time if the door faces West and a female if the door faces North.

 Northwest is ruled by the planet Chandra (Moon). The owner of Northwest facing house travels from one to another place, his mind is very unstable. Usually, character of this house owner is well natured, soft-spoken and sentimental.


Northwest represents AIR element and which leads to discord and quarrels, also which disturbs co-ordination and relationship. Similarly, waves of jealousy from near and dear affects the patience level and productivity. 


Vaastu_sastra Northwest House


Northwest Direction is Vayu or the wind is ruling god: This direction is capable of making the owner rich or poor depending on its usage. Vayu  Bhagwan, the God of the Northwest direction, known as “Sadhagathi” means always moving. Vayu is the basic element of survival of life on earth. This is the most significant direction for women in the family.  Giving child birth their developments in life depend up on the proper utilization of Northwest direction, they can get fame and make scientific developments by living in such a property.  God Vayu is associated in formations of the foetus (the unborn young of a vertebrate), its development and easy delivery. Vayu also gives education and happiness to the habitats.


Any extension in Northwest will keep the residents on continuous traveling and always on moving. The extension of Northwest direction will shorten the Northeast or Eshanya, which is inauspicious. Their attitude goes over expensive and this may lead to poverty. Pits, ponds and water storages in this direction will lead to more problems in loneliness. Northwest direction, if utilized properly gives prosperity, good offspring, longer life, health, dignity and support from the Govt authorities.


Romantic-bedroom--North-westBedroom in North-west is good for newly married couple and their children provided that family has elder people. Whereas if the couple is the only elder in family then bedroom in Southwest will better and which is the corner of owner.


While buying the Northwest corner house, see that the North road should run towards West direction and West road should stop. This will gives financial stability. Whereas If the North road is stopped and West road is running, then avoid buying these properties.


And If the North and West roads are running, then observe the surroundings in  East, West, North and South.


The open space  towards South and West sides is more than compared to other directions, and then avoid purchasing this house.  And vise-a-versa North and East directions have a more space compared to other, in such houses, generally inhabitants may get fame and name and will have good knowledge and children will become more intelligent. 

Friday, 11 September 2015 08:40

Significance of Northeast in Vaastu


Vastu is a science which acts as a bridge between the inner space of the being and the outer space or the immediate environment. Many call it a  “super science” or study of the cause and effect of your surroundings and its influence on the occupants. It’s multidisciplinary approach is based on basic knowledge of Yogashastra (the science of Yoga), Astrology, and Astronomical Science.  

The five great holistic sciences which are completely interconnected and in totality form a comprehensive remedial field to convert an individual's journey of pain and struggle into harmony and rhythm are Vastu, Music, Astrology, Yoga and Ayurveda. You could compare this to Fengshui, Chinese medicine (acupuncture), Taichi, Chinese astrology (phat chee), Chinese calligraphy and music.

Vastushastra (Vastu science) essentially deals with two important energy sources, the solar energy flux and the geomagnetic energy flux. The science of vastu aims at controlling the flow of these energies in a building by selecting proper directions and alignments. Starting with Location of doors, windows, color scheme, flooring patterns, planting of trees and interior décor need to be looked into. All these essential parameters play an important role in enhancing the energy field for human beings to live in harmony with nature and in turn achieve a balance.

To achieve a right balance of these natures’ forces, cosmic and thermal imbalances, Vaastu offers a remedy in the form of the helix concept also known as the ‘Golden ratio Helix”. It finds reference in all the ancient scriptures as the centre of energy balance is located at the origin of a logarithmic helix fitted in a rectangle with sides having proportionate golden ratio of 1:1.618. The ill effects of a Vaastu defects diminish automatically if this helix centre lies inside the building. This center is known as the “nabhi” or the focal point of the plot and is the source of all cosmic energies and bio energetic fields. Hence balancing the building within a given plot and tapping into the focal point is the key to achieving a good structure which enhances the flow of energy and good vaastu. However this may not be feasible at all times as limitations in terms of plot size, shape, apartment dwellings  etc exists but one could adapt certain basic guidelines by paying attention to important sectors and compass directions in a plot or building.

A structure contributes towards the prosperity of its occupants and most importantly, everything that happens in nature has a direct effect on the life of human. The cosmic rays from the sun, moon and other planets also have an effect on human body and research has shown that we respond and react accordingly. It was also found by the ancients that time period changes through the day had an affect on the human mind and body which in turn stimulated a corresponding activity.

Buildings were designed and oriented with various components to harmonize the movement of the sun and daily human cycle according to the rotation of the earth and the position of the sun through the days. The 24 hours in a day was divided into eight parts, representing the eight cardinal directions and the nature of each activity in a building reflected the quality of each compass direction. It was observed that Houses that were not properly aligned or had no sense of orientation, gave rise to restlessness, misfortune, and sickness.

Out of the eight compass directions the North-east known as “Ishanya” in Vastu has a special importance. The sun rises from the East, moves towards the North and sets in the West hence the early morning rays are very important and it is considered very auspicious if the building or the land is able to receive this sunlight in the morning.

The early morning rays to a great extent are  absorbed by water stored in the Northeast sector of a plot hence  from the ancient times, under water storage, open reservoirs for water storage and tanks were  considered ideal at the Northeast corner of the plot and in turn this enhanced  the positive benefits of  good vaastu design. 

Keeping the Northeast completely clean, clutter free and light is the fundamental principle and is mandatory in designing a home as per vaastu tenets. Having the land at the Northeast portion of the plot lower or depressed naturally or by creating garden space is of great importance to activate the bio-cosmic energies in this sector to further enhance the good luck of the property.

The Northeast direction is also regarded as highly surcharged with divine energies hence heavy constructions or large structures in the Northeast portion of the plot or a home is a taboo. The Northeast sector is also referred to as “Ishanya” (meaning God’s corner) keeping in mind the highly positive and life force energy existing in this portion and from the vaastu perspective this sector is considered very sacred and in many homes  this corner is used  for the family altar or  prayer area.

We can also activate spiritual pursuits, education and knowledge in the Northeast sector or Ishanya. The ancient Indian holy saints or monks (known as rishis), of the  Vedic Age had mastered this knowledge and techniques and  It’s no surprise that the sacred places of worships, temples, monastery and ashrams of spiritual training  were established in this direction near the holy rivers. Even today, one can still experience and feel the distinctly enchanting, energizing and enlightening ambience at such places and a closer study would reveal that temples and places of worship have a water reservoir or large opening at the Northeast corners or a water body or river at this sector.

Certain basic guidelines to protect the Northeast sector while designing a building are:-

•Take care to design the house such that it allows ample sunlight and cross ventilation in the Northeast sectors to enhance the bio cosmic fields.

•Tall trees or plants should not exist in the North or Northeast sectors although small plants are acceptable. Ensure that the plants do not block the sunlight or cast shadow at the Northeast corners of the

property and the building and most importantly ensure that the trees or plants do not cast their shadow on the house in these sectors.

•Avoid keeping a mop, broomstick or trash can in this sector as this would pollute the positive energy flowing through this sector.

•Most importantly positioning toilets in the Northeast sector is a serious affliction as this would deprive the building from positive bio-cosmic forces and cause immense ill effects to the occupants.

Apart from Northeast if you can keep the following zones clutter free and clean it could be of benefit to certain types of professions too

•North, as this sector relates to intellectuals who wish to pursue their intellectual pursuits.

•East helps those in armed forces to and police.

•South is beneficial to those in business and traders.

•West is for the working class and those employed in middle management.

Understanding the cause and effect of the environment, compass direction and benefits of each of the sectors in a property ensures that the house and its occupants are healthy, happy and prosperous and in harmony with the nature’s forces.



Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:41

2015 Feng shui afflictions & prognosis

The Year 2015 is year known as  The Year of the Yin Wood Sheep - YI WEI . 

Sheep is the 8th animal in the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and is part of the fire cycle in the cycle of the season of five elements in Feng shui. The zodiac sheep is said to be a lucky animal sign  and is often expected to bring up auspicious and cordial relationship during the year . As sheep represents earth element it also has traits of caring and exudes a motherly feel and can be most often seen in those born under this zodiac.

In the Year 2015 taking into account the elements in combine and clash  based on the Feng shui Destiny Analysis known as the Four Pillars of Destiny ( Ba Zi) the two main elements in clash  are  Wood and  Earth. In the cycle of the five element theory, wood conquers earth which indicates clash however as it is Weak wood which is akin a flower conflicts and clash can be resolved through interaction, being flexible a common agreement can be reached hence it would be relatively less violent than the earlier year. 

From the human body point of view, Element earth signifying zodiac sheep corresponds to stomach, muscular fibers and pancreas. This would call for taking care of diet, maintaining exercise regime to balance the insulin levels and avoid muscular ailments. The element earth is in clash with Weak or Yin wood.  Yin wood relates to   neck, liver and spine hence the clash of elements can aggravate spine related disorders.

Industries relating to metal and wood elements like banking, IT and tech related industries will see emerging  trends. Textiles, media, paper Industries which pertain to wood element will progress too.  Fire Industries like Finance, entertainment and energy will encounter slow progress especially during the first half of the year. Real Estate, property and mining would face competition as the strong earth in the year of the sheep will bring in new entrants, fierce competition and may have an overall conservative outlook.

The Annual energy changes have an influence on the place of dwelling and the occupants as the compass directions also relate to the twelve Chinese zodiacs. Adapting simple Feng shui remedies one can counter the ill effects and enhance the good energy in a home to reap the positive benefits the year brings in. 

The good sectors in 2015 are North, East, and  Southwest. Water features at East or North sector can enhance career, growth and wealth luck. The sectors West and South East have bad energies and sickness hence metal cures, metal wind chimes or six nos. of I- Ching metal coins would help. North east and Northwest are good  with flying stars 6 and 4. To activate literary pursuits and education luck placing  children’s study desk at Northwest  of a room would help  and for elders who are single  it can also activate marriage luck. The centre sector of the building carries arguments and quarrelsome energies, placing a fire colored décor or a red table runner at the centre of the house can quell such energies. South sector is also unfavorable which can be controlled with water plants.

Those born in the years of Ox, Dog, Sheep, Rooster are in conflict with the yearly zodiac an can smoothen the ruffled weathers by carrying jade horse figurine or  they can display a figurine of horse at Southwest compass sector.

The general overview, forecast and analysis is based on the study of elements and the energy movements hence the implications on each of the individuals could vary as the personal elements of the individuals need to be analyzed for a deeper understanding.

Wishing you a prosperous and good Year ahead as we step into the year of the Yin Wood Sheep in 2015.


Tuesday, 10 February 2015 11:49

2015 Year of the Sheep Zodiac Luck

Rat - Good year with overall progress, unexpected wealth gains and windfall indicated. Relationship not too strong, however will improve progressively.Those planning to marry have a favorable year and those married can further strengthen their bondage. Wear agar wood or petrified wood wrist bead. Dragon  Tortoise at NE  and wulou at SE of bedroom


Ox - The zodiac is in clash with the year sign Sheep, work related stress and confrontation  may show up, remaining calm and having clarity will help in progress. You will do see success in your endeavors as personal chi is strong.  Avoid speculative investments , manage your cash resources well to sail through the year. Black cats eye bead can help inner chi , Display Tianliu (Pixiu) in living room facing main door, carry jade horse amulet

Tiger -  A year of great opportunity, growth, progress in career and very good wealth luck indicated. Stay humble, be cautious of handling big wealth lest you lose them in wrong ventures.Good year for singles to get married and for those married a good year to further bond. Display Figurine of Carps to gain big wealth, place deer and doe at South of living.



Rabbit - Year is good to plan and set up new business ventures. Although luck cycle is slightly on the decline things will be comfortable, approach with open mind and proper planning.Take advice of seniors in your line of career and back them to gain financial support and benefit. Relationship luck takes a back seat, be cautious.  Wear Amazonite wrist beads, Display  Dragon Tortoise in living East, and  Monkey on horse for career luck

Dragon - A year with many opportunities and lucky stars supporting your zodiac, good wealth luck and windfalls expected however competition at work will exist. Career and Finances look bright but need to pay more attention to relationship hence try to be more understanding. Singles may meet the person of their choice but communication skills need to be sharpened to avoid discord. Display clear quartz on your work desk or bedside , Crystal wulou at SE of living

Snake - A year with plenty of travel opportunities and career progress,  however do not be impulsive as you may regret your actions. Take care of elders and avoid late night outs.Be more focused and spiritual during the start of the Lunar New Year. Work and travel may create a distance between couples which needs to be worked on and those single may have to wait a little more for partner of their choice. Whites and Metallic shades in attire will be beneficial , White pearl as jewelry would bring in inner peace and calmness. Display  Red phonix at South  and Wulou with Salt at NW.

Horse -  Luck comes back but you need to be bold and adventurous to take decisions in career and investments. wealth and career prospect is looking bright. Proper investment planning will help in augmenting savings. Relationship luck is low try to spend more time with family and those who are single may find admirers. Display Bowl with semi precious stones & wishes in living , Figurine of Blue Rhino at  NE with coins in a bowl .

Sheep -  As the year is not in complete support of the self zodiac, you may find emotional downtrends and lack of focus. Fight it out and be determined to win and move ahead.You may feel distracted and have lack of concentration, hence for any investments and career decisions do discuss with close confidants or seek professional help to avoid wrong decisions. Display Ruyi scepter at NW , Pair of chilin at SW and carry a figurine of  Jade horse.

Monkey - A great year with plenty of support from mentors and people whom you look upon. Financial growth and stability is good with new business opportunities and ventures coming your way. Avoid  being guarantors for others and stay away from speculative investments. Health and relationship luck look good, those who are single have a good chance of getting married and  avoid adventurous sports. Display Citrine gem tree or wear wrist beads to  garner wealth, Display 3 chilins in living room, and dragon carp figurine on work desk to your left.

Rooster - The year will make you feel low and your decisions may be clouded which could make you may act impulsively and regret later. Some of your actions may attract legal entanglement hence be cautious and avoid disputes. Relationships may take a setback, do not be aggressive and be mindful of your words.  Singles can wait a little longer to settle down with their partner of choice. Carry a jade horse amulet , Display 5 element pagoda at west of living or office and Rooster with fan at NE.

Dog -  Good year, hence maintain low profile as help from benefactors will come to you. Wealth luck is good but sudden windfalls should be handled well as you may dissipate the income flow. The support from mentors and benefactors will help you transform difficult situations to your benefit. Stay loyal to your partner as you may have many opportunities to get distracted. To garner more wealth carry or wear red ruby , Display figurine of Horse at South, Place  metal wulou near bedside, carry jade horse, place a 3 legged  wealth frog at East of living room.

Pig - A Year of achievements in career, and you may find things moving rapidly .Need to exercise caution as you may be drawn into gossips which may impede your progress.You are prone to anxiety hence maintain high level of self confidence to achieve your goals. A testing time for those in relationship or married hence need to spare more time to understand each other better. Shades of Orange or green would help in your attire,  display wulou near bedside and happy Buddha with Ruyi at NE of living room.

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