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Wind Water and Tranquility - Talk on 19th Nov 2017 Manila

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The art of designing gardens has been sacred to many civilizations and had significance for specific designs. The ancient gardens of China and Japan reveal the finer aspects and subtle nuances of good garden Feng shui. Adapting such designs in modern times would be beneficial to ensure flow of Sheng chi in and around our place of dwelling as Primary observation and understanding of a Feng shui of a place could be ascertained from its immediate flora and fauna.

This presentation will take you from ancient times to modern times with a brief insight into the importance of flowers and their meaning, and will conclude with an analysis of energy changes in our environment produced by good garden design.

Get an insight in to the ancient metaphysical science of Feng shui pertaining to Garden designs in the 14th IFSA convention at Manila , Philippines by Master S.BS Surendran from India 

Date:- 19th Nov 2017, 1.30pm

Venue :- Marco Polo Hotel, Manila, Philippines



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