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Forecast for June 6th to July 5th 2018 Month of the Horse Featured

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Year of the Earth Dog 2018

Forecast for June 6th to July 5th 2018 Month of the Horse



Rat :- A clash month with Horse, hence you May feel secluded , try to remain positive  and move on. New contacts in professional circle would be of benefit. Be careful while driving vehicles 


Ox:- Be tolerant towards others and exercise control on your temper.  Try to grab more breaks between work and recharge yourself 


Tiger :- A great month and family time is indicted.  Fairly smooth month however be careful while handling fire related gadgets and consume more water.


Rabbit:- Recognition comes through an opportunity to exhibit your skill. Time to involve in charitable activities and give back to the community.


Dragon:- Clashes on the domestic front and being lethargic in decision making could hamper your prospects. Avoid conflicts be calm and matured in your pursuits.


Snake:- a month of recognition and enjoyment. To strengthen bondage listen to your spouse also do  not over indulge in your eating habits.


Horse:- When things do not move avail advice from experts and break the obstacles. Be careful in your planning and avoid extravagant or impulsive decisions.


Sheep:- A month of harmony but take decisions through proactive consensus. New business opportunities and relations look evident.


Monkey:-A month to implement new ideas and financial gains indicated. Be careful of your food habits  and avoid over indulgences.


Rooster :-  A good month to socialise and also establish contact with new friends which could turn into a relationship. Maintain healthy diet and do not neglect health.


Dog:-  A month to explore new ventures and opportunities. Relationships on home front should improve and do try to do more charitable work and help the needy.


Pig:- Month to socialise and meet new people and expand your network.  A month filled with distractions, hence be mindful of your food intake and diet


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