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Forecast for July 6th to Aug 5th 2018 Month of the Sheep Featured

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Year of the Earth Dog 2018


Forecast for July 6th to Aug 5th 2018 Month of the Sheep



Rat :- A month to find a balance and manage things as you would be under pressure both at work and home. Take care of your health due to work stress and watch out for digestive issues.


Tiger :-  A MONTH OF EXCES WORK, TRAVEL AND INTERACTION. It could take a toll on your health hence carry a jade rabbit pendant to ward off afflictions. AVOID ADVENTOROUS ACTIVATIES.



Rabbit:- Money making opportunities exist  however it may be offset with expenses.  Maintain harmony with family and friends and be cautious while negotiating business deals.



Dragon:- Success may make you feel over confident hence remain grounded. A month to be careful of your deals and also when travelling. Avoid outdoor adventurous activities.



Snake:-  A month to develop positive relationships with all and subordinates. Obstacles may dissolve but your attitude must be to embrace the good luck and move on.



Horse:- Fairly a harmonious month and could be stable yet there are hidden lurking dangers which would create conflict in relationships. Be mindful of what you speak and your interactions to avoid hurt feeling for others.



Sheep:-  A month to lie low and avoid any new ventures. Do not take up any outdoor activities and watch your diet and exercise regime.


Monkey:-Plan your activities well in advance and be cautious of your business dealings. Prone to illness and family members may also experience similar ill health, allow the month to pass.




Rooster :-  Challenging month with obstacles showing up and could scuttle your plans. Keep focussed on your target and move on as things will dissolve as you move into the next month.




Dog:-  Lie low and avoid taking important decisions and stay safe away from adventures.  Take more liquids and plenty of rest to recharge yourself during this phase.



Pig:- A month to party and may be attracted to opposite gender which could turn into a long term relationship. Overall a fairly relaxed month.

Ox:-  A month of clash and conflict. Beware of legal issues and read documents before signing. Exercise caution on health and while on the wheels. Carry a Jade Rabbit pendant to ward off negative influences



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