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2018 Year of the “WU XU “- Earth Dog

2018 Year of the “WU XU “- Earth Dog 


The Year 2018 is year known as The Year of the Yang Earth Dog – WU XU.

Dog is the 11th animal in the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and is part of the Earth cycle in the cycle of the season of five elements in Feng shui. In the Year 2018, as per the advanced school of  Feng shui referred to as a Destiny Analysis or Four Pillars of Destiny - Bazi ( Phat chee) the two main elements in clash  are  Earth against Earth. The elements are symbolized as Yang Earth element sitting on top of Yang Earth Dog.

Element Yang Earth signifies boulders, rocks and interprets as reliability, solidity and contemplation. However as the elements in clash is Earth against Earth it would be a year which would call for lot of efforts to achieve the goals and overcome obstacles. It would be a year of completions and would not be advisable to make new beginnings. The efforts will not be in vain as the path of progress would give the joy of scaling mountain peak unveiling a breathtaking view. Do not be deterred by the obstacles but pursue your aspirations and goals with focus and determination. Most importantly being calm and co-operative would be the essential quality needed for the year, especially for Zodiac Snake, Sheep, Tiger and Horse. The zodiacs which will have to protect and defend from the afflictions are Dog, Dragon, Monkey and Rat. However with proper protection and care the afflicted zodiac sign can also smoothly sail through the year. Zodaic signs Dog, OX ,Dragon and Sheep can carry a pendant of Rabbit to seek support of the zodiac and defend from the yearly affliction.


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